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Caithness Paperweights
2nd Edition
Author: Colin Terris
Editor: W. K. Cross
Price: CDN $39.95 US $29.95 UK £22.95
Release Date: September 2004
  432 pages
Dimensions: 7 x 9

ISBN: 0-88968-244-5
The 2nd edition of Caithness Paperweights, A Charlton Standard Catalogue, was released September 1st in North America, and September 15th in the United Kingdom. This 432-page standard reference for Caithness Paperweights is a ‘must have’ guide for the paperweight collector.

The first edition of Caithness Paperweights was issued in 1999. The newly released second edition updates the listings to 2004. Over 475 weights have been added since 1999, and new discoveries, weights that were overlooked in 1999, have been inserted into their proper sequence, bringing the ‘Standard Reference’ current to the first half of 2004.

Collin Terris, since the first edition was published, has retired from Caithness Glass, but was instrumental in guiding the second edition through the revision process. Over 2,800 weights are listed, approximately 2,500 in the Caithness chapter and over 200 in the Commissioned section.

Within the Caithness section the weights are listed by the year they were issued, and for the years 1969 to 1997 the weights are then listed numerically by the CT number assigned to the weight. For the years 1998 through 2004 the weights are listed alphabetically within their year of issue. We are in the process of transferring all weights to an alphabetical listing within their year of issue to generate a user friendly guide, and this will be completed for the 3rd edition of Caithness Paperweights.

The new and revised 2nd edition contains 32 pages of colour inter-disbursed throughout the catalogue, in four 8-page sections. The colour pages touch on all the different segments of paperweight releases, from the classic Whitefriars weights, to examples of Collin Terris’s final designs, to the limited editions and modern designs.

All prices have been completely revised and updated to 2004. Pricing for the second edition was more difficult than in 1999 due to the on-line auctions which now impacts all collectables.

The 2nd edition of Caithness Paperweights is available from dealers, bookstores, collectable stores, and internet bookstores such as and Caithness Paperweights is also available from the publisher at the cover prices listed, plus postage.

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