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2016 Canadian Coins Vol 2 Collector & Maple Leaf
6th Edition
Author: W.K. Cross
Price: CDN $34.95 US $29.95 UK £0.00
Release Date: 2015
  504 pages
Dimensions: 7 x 9

ISBN: 9780889683709
The sixth edition of Canadian Coins, Volume Two, Collector and Maple Leaf Issues, is the only authoritative catalogue on the Royal Canadian Mint collector issues on the market today. Over 300 new issues of collector and Maple Leaf coins have been released from May 2014 to April 2015. The catalogue features more than 1,700 coin designs and contains 2,800 colour illustrations. New denominations have been added to the catalogue: five hundred dollar silver coins, and one thousand, two hundred fifty dollar gold coins. In 2015, an additional face value silver coin, the $25 for $25 series, which currently has only one coin. The $20 for $20 series continues and now contains sixteen coins. Two new designs will be added in 2015 to the $200 for $200 series that started in 2014. Canadiana is being commemorated in several new series including Exploring Canada, Canoe Across Canada, Big Coin Series, Legacy of the Canadian Nickel, Flowers in Canada, "Wait For Me, Daddy!" and the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Flag. Several anniversaries of Canada's war efforts were also featured with the launch of the First and Second World War Battlefront Series. Continuing to showcase the diversity of Aboriginal Cultures, several new designs were launched including Star Charts, which depicts the Big Dipper as a great Bear. Stand alone coins in various denominations include the Aboriginal National Veterans Monument and several First Nations art coins. The catalogue has been thoroughly updated for all prices, specifications, and designers' and engravers' information. The 6th Edition of Canadian Coins, Volume Two: Collector and Maple Leaf Issues is a must for the collector tracking mint and bullion issues and is available in Canada for $34.95 and in the United States for $29.95. The Canadian Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Volume Two, Collector and Maple Leaf Issues can be purchased from Numismatics Dealers, Bookstores, Online Bookstores or directly from the publisher.
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